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If you are interested in finding a coffee business opportunity for sale, to suit your individual requirements, then search the following directory of the best coffee business opportunities available for you now!
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Invest in a franchise that is stocked with specialty coffee products and many other treats.
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Invest in a franchise that is stocked with specialty coffee products and many other treats.
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Soul Origin coffee is a specialty blend that is roasted locally in Melbourne, Australia and can rival any boutique café when it comes to quality and taste.
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Own a Jamaica Blue café. Good food. Great coffee. Rewarding Franchising opportunities.
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Build a life you love. Become a part of Australia’s most iconic bakery café business.
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Shingle Inn offers aspiring café entrepreneurs with a passion for hospitality the opportunity to own an exceptional boutique café.
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At OMG! we set three audacious goals, and we are achieving them:
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The world's most renowned doughnut shop invites you to become a part of its iconic legacy.
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Information On Coffee Franchises

If you are looking for an excellent franchise opportunity, it might be time to wake up and smell the coffee, as there are many fantastic franchise businesses operating within the coffee industry.

There are around 20,000 cafés and coffee shops in Australia, all supporting the population's need for a morning pick-me-up.

Thus, if a coffee franchise opportunity is something you may be interested in, then read on.

  • Australia's coffee and café industry brings in over 8 billion in revenue annually.
  • The most popular coffee in coffee shops and cafés is the latte, with around 33 percent of all coffees bought during 2018 being this type of drink. The average price of the latte in 2018 was $4.18.
  • Three out of every four cups of coffee sold in Australia are milked-based (cappucinos, lattes, etc.), however non-dairy alternatives are growing in popularity.
  • Soy milk is the most popular of the non-dairy alternatives. Meanwhile, chai and matcha are the most popular teas in Australia.
  • The cheapest coffee in Australia is still a long black. Interestingly, most consumers (54%) are choosing to still pay with cash, opposed to card.

It is estimated that around 1.26 billion cups of coffee per year are consumed in Australia. Forgive us for this pun, but that’s a latte cash being spent on coffee!

A Coffee Franchise for a Coffee Connoisseur

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Do you love trying new roasts and new blends and sharing your discoveries with others? If you're looking for a new business opportunity that can make money and allows you to do work you enjoy, look no further. You can open your own coffee shop by purchasing a coffee franchise that sets you on the path to profit and fun. And you can turn to us at Franchise Direct for guidance and help along the way.

What Is a Coffee Franchise?

A coffee franchise allows you to get into the coffee business without having to build a coffee shop from the ground up. When you take advantage of a franchise opportunity, you start your business with a brand name already in place. You purchase the rights to use that name and the products, equipment, and advertising that go along with it.

Why Should You Consider a Coffee Shop Franchise in Australia?

When you buy a coffee shop franchise in Australia, you're opening a shop that people recognize right off the bat. Australians have a deep love for coffee, and it's no surprise, according to GITNUX Market Data, that they consume an average of 1.91 kg of coffee per person per year – approximately 6 billion cups annually, making it an integral part of their daily lives. This impressive statistic underscores the enduring popularity of coffee in this country and the immense potential for a thriving coffee business in the Australian market.

At the same time, you also benefit from the corporate office’s in-depth knowledge of the Australian coffee market and the Australian coffee industry, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and risk failure. You have inside information about what works and what doesn’t.

You have full access to the corporate office’s tried-and-true marketing for your brand. All the resources you need to market your coffee shop business are right at your fingertips, and you're also included in all the parent company’s marketing efforts. This can save you time and money.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure how to train your employees to run a coffee shop business. That’s no problem if you’re a franchise owner. You have full access to all the brand’s training programs, so your baristas can make the best possible coffee every time and keep your customers happy.

Finally, when you own a franchise, you have access to less-expensive equipment and supplies than if you were running the business completely on your own. This can help you quickly turn a profit and keep your business strong over time.

What Should You Know Before You Start a Coffee Franchise?

You should know a few things, though, before you start a coffee franchise. First, remember setup costs are involved. You must pay an initial cost to buy into the franchise with any franchise opportunity. This allows you access to all the wonderful benefits we’ve described, but it can be expensive.

But don’t let the expense deter you. You can offset the costs by taking out a small business loan to get your coffee shop franchise up and running. Be sure you read all the fine print and know all the loan’s terms before you sign anything. Ask questions, too, so you fully understand.

By now, you may be ready to jump into owning a coffee shop franchise of your own. So, do your research, get ready to start a profitable business, and share your coffee expertise with your satisfied customers.

If you are interested in a coffee franchise opportunity, contact Franchise Direct now!

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