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Five Practical Considerations for Conducting a Successful Business

Business involves risk, whether it is a stand-alone business or a franchise business, it is important that you get the right advice and ensure you operate your business to minimise the known risks where you can.

Five Things Every Potential Franchisee in Australia Should Know

Franchise Direct has franchise opportunities in locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We also aim to keep all potential franchisees up to date with relevant and interesting information from the sector.

A-Z glossary of Franchise Terms

This glossary contains an alphabetical list of the common terms used in franchising. If you have questions about any of these terms or would like a definition for a term not included here please let us know.

Disclosure Document - An Overview

A Franchise Disclosure Document is designed to provide information to potential franchisees to help them make an informed decision about the franchise system and whether to proceed with the purchase.

Franchising Code of Conduct – An Overview

All franchisors and franchisees are legally required to comply with an industry code, which is called the Franchisors Code of Conduct.

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