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The Ultimate Guide to Franchising – Everything You Need to Know to Start a Franchise

Do you want to become a franchisee? Maybe you are considering franchising your business to others. Either way, you probably need a guide to help you through each element of franchising in Australia.

Franchise Direct Australia's A-Z of franchises can provide you with options and examples of franchises that have done it all before, but for everything else, there is our Ultimate Guide To Franchising.

Each article below will get your foot on the ladder and help you start your own franchise business.
Find out the basics of what it means to be a franchisee or a franchisor. This is step one on your journey into the world of franchising.
Are you aware that all franchisors and franchisees in Australia are legally required to comply with an industry code, which is called the Franchisors Code of Conduct?
Are you ready to invest in a franchise? We have put together a list of five important pieces of information every potential franchisee in Australia should know.
There are many reasons why Australia has such a positive relationship with franchising, some of which is discussed below.
If your focus is franchising is for Australia, then here's some information that's pertinent to that market.
If you think that the time is right to take this journey onto its next step, then you might be about to request or receive a franchise disclosure agreement.
This breaks down some of the key steps involved in starting a franchise.
This glossary is a comprehensive, alphabetical list of all terms relevant to the franchising and business industry with detailed information given on each term.

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