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The Stellarossa brand was born out of a passion for quality coffee, service excellence and delicious flavours. We aim to provide our guests with a premium experience each and every time they visit one of our cafés.

In order to achieve this outcome, we’re looking for aspiring small business owners who want to kick goals, and who share our genuine passion for perfection in the ever-changing café culture.

About Us

Stellarossa is currently made up of 20 cafes, including 3 Drive Thrus now up and running, with each one locally owned and operated. Our method is to overlay a refined business system on a strong, on-trend café offer, creating businesses in local communities that we can all be proud of. We have a number of new sites available and we’re looking for motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs to get involved – or, you may also have a site that you’d like to bring to us for consideration.

Join a community of like-minded cafe owners who share a vision of success, and benefit from our tried and tested Café Franchise System, while still enjoying the freedom and independence to express yourself in your own business.

Because our focus is on building and growing individual café businesses, we keep coffee at our core by engaging an exceptional coffee roasting supply chain rather than roasting our own. This allows us to focus on the cafés while utilising the specialist knowledge, passion and processes of dedicated roasters, and ensuring transparent, consistent and competitive pricing.

No cookie-cutter approach here. We’re not trying to make local areas fit us. Instead, we take a flexible approach to menu, local fresh produce sourcing, and café design, to best fit your local market. Very un-franchise, huh?

We’ve removed the complexity of establishing your café business. We focus on the things that will make a difference in your market, so you have a light, robust business to operate and enjoy. ANZ Accreditation also means that obtaining finance should be simpler, and should give you additional peace of mind that Stellarossa is a solid business system.

And we prove it by very deliberately structuring our model with low entry costs and low on-going fees. We’re patient and deliberate, and our aim is to grow with you.

Benefits of the Franchise

At Stellarossa, our passion is in the excitement of entrepreneurship and the whole café culture.

We’ve carefully developed and refined our Café Business System, so whether you’re an experienced operator or an aspiring entrepreneur, you can fast-track into a community-based business that you can be proud of.

Not a Cookie-Cutter Café

We believe that every business owner should be able to put their stamp on their own business, while still benefiting from all the great things that being part of a franchise system brings.

With stores located throughout Queensland, we know that each store’s market is going to be different. While we certainly have consistency across our brand in the core aspects so our guests can always be confident that they’ll get a quality experience, our menu offerings and our café fit-outs are ‘localised’ to suit.

We’ve Made the Business of Owning a Café Simple

We’ve removed the complexity in setting up, owning and operating a café business. Avoiding the complications of so many, and focusing on the things that make a difference. This makes our brand and network strong, and establishes a lite, robust business for our Franchise Partners to operate and enjoy.

You’ll have a business characterised by:

  • Surroundings where locals can comfortably gather, unwind and recharge
  • Award-winning coffee, produced locally by our Partner Roaster
  • Simple yet delicious café food, and well-trained baristas creating the perfect cup
  • A profitable and well-considered menu that’s tailored to your market
  • A knowledgeable HQ Operations Support Team providing ongoing training and up-skilling
  • Unbeatable locations, whether you’re looking for a Drive Thru Café or a classic Cafe
  • And much more…

In a marketplace with numerous café business options, we’re focused on being responsive to the needs of our Franchise Owners in their local markets, and continuing to invest in, and thereby strengthen, our Franchise Café Business System.

A key part of strengthening our business is welcoming new franchise owners into our family who are passionate, friendly and willing to learn – perhaps that’s you!

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Requirements For Franchisees

Franchise Partners will be required to undertake mandatory training prior to operating their Cafe. Prospective Franchise Partners will undergo an interview process with the senior management team prior to being approved to joining the franchise network.

Once-only fees when you first open your business include:
  • $25,000 + GST Franchise Fee
  • $25,000 + GST Training Fee
  • $5,000 for Store Opening Marketing Promotions
  • Any legal and accounting fees payable by yourself
Moving forward there’s a low 6% flat ongoing Franchise Administration Fee, and 1% marketing fee. We’re open and transparent, and we’re also patient and purposeful - we’ll grow with you.

You will spend two transformational weeks learning the ropes with our highly skilled support team. A portion of your time will be spent at our Head Office in Brisbane, Queensland where you'll learn everything there is to know about operating your own business with the aid of our business systems and tools. The remainder of your time will be spent in a training store where you'll work in an operational Cafe or Drive Thru Cafe serving guests, preparing food, learning to become a stellar Barista, and all of the other important hands-on aspects of Cafe management such as product ordering, WHS and team leadership.

Our training environment is structured to replicate as much as we possibly can, the work stations you’ll have with your team in your own café. Yet at the same time, allowing you to learn all you need to learn, about the business, back-end operational management and more.

For the food preparation component of your training, you’ll be learning;

  1. The theory aspects of our food offering,
  2. Food handling and health and safety requirements,
  3. Ordering stock and managing Costs of Goods.

You are trained to the Stellarossa standard in all the finer details that go into making Stellarossa food the high quality that our customers expect.

For the coffee component of your training, this is where we take the entire business to the next level:

  • A tour through the roasting facility to truly understand what the concepts of ethical sourcing and ‘crop to cup’ mean
  • Learn about the sourcing, selection, roasting and distribution process of our 5-Star and Darkstar coffee beans
  • Intensive theoretical and practical barista training involving production, pouring, latte art and coffee theory
We believe this training will fully prepare you for your transition to becoming a Stellarossa café owner. Following on from this, we'll assist with training your new team, store opening set-up, and on-site support for a full 7 days after opening. On-site training and visits will taper off from there at an organic rate to allow you to step up and become the cafe business owner you dream of being. We will guide and nurture without cramping your style! Our passionate support team will make sure you've found your feet, and from there we'll continue to tweak things together until you're happy and confident with your cafe operation.

Next Steps

Make your Cafe business dream a reality with us. Get in touch today!

Stellarossa Cafe Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Stellarossa Cafe to give you more information about the costs associated with a Stellarossa Cafe opportunity
Minimum investment required
$ 200.000
Franchise Fee:
$25,000 + GST
Training Fee:
$25,000 + GST
Ongoing Franchise Fees:
Marketing Fee:
How many franchise units/outlets does your business currently have?
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Available Locations:
Single-unit, Multi-unit oppotunities available in Australia
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
Financing Assistance
Training Provided:
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