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If you are interested in finding an Internet & Online business opportunity for sale, to suit your individual requirements, then search the following directory of the best Internet & Online business opportunities available for you now!
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Create Business has continually evolved since 1999 and is the original market leader in the lost money industry, founding what is now the Australia and New Zealand lost funds industry.
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We're moving forward with exponential growth. This is your opportunity to start your own chapter in the Network Lead Exchange!
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Launch Your Own Digital Agency With No Previous Experience
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Be your own boss with a website development business! FULL training and support provided.
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Launch an Online Business Building COVID-Ready Digital Solutions
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The business of business coaching allows you to be in control of your own destiny whilst offering the ultimate career fulfillment.
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Computer Troubleshooters commenced in 1997 and has developed and evolved its franchising system to support you achieve your dreams in an IT support and services business.
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Own a business that delivers real social impact, a business you can be proud of!
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Exolt EMS is an innovative, technology-backed fitness studio franchise at the forefront of WIRELESS EMS training in Australia.
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World Options is a company that resells transportation services
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Make a 6-figure salary with a vox singing academy franchise! Australasia's number one singing academy since 1993!
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Run your own business providing mobile apps & responsive websites to small businesses.
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Information On Internet & Online Franchises

E-commerce in Australia is booming, with more and more companies taking advantage of the monumental list of opportunities that now exist online.

There are a whole bunch of internet and online franchise opportunities which demonstrate this.

Everywhere you look in the Australian marketplace, there are people using the natural advantages that come with a tool that allows you to reach the entire world at the click of a button.

This growth is not showing many signs of slowing down either, with many expecting Australian ecommerce to grow to $35.2bn by 2021.

If it is an industry that you are considering investing in, then the following facts and trends may be of interest.

  • A report from Statista stated the following: “the e-commerce market in Australia is forecasted to continue growing steadily year-on-year, with the market projected to reach 35 billion US dollars by 2025”.
  • The global pandemic changed the nature of online buying. Statista’s reported added the following: “The coronavirus pandemic not only changed how businesses engage with customers but also reshaped the purchasing behavior of consumers. In the first half of 2020, Australia saw a huge increase in online... The big winners of the increase in online spending in Australia were predominately food delivery services and established e-commerce.
  • Statista also revealed that over 60 percent of Australians have recently used a smartphone for a recent purchase.
  • Over a quarter of those purchases were made on clothes.
  • They also revealed that 45 percent of these purchases were made using an app of some sort.
  • According to IBISWorld, Smartphone App Development is expected to be worth $2.3 billion in 2022.
  • They describe this section of the industry as follows: “Operators in the Smartphone App Developers industry create smartphone applications that are specific to devices' operating systems. While these applications are typically designed with end users in mind, markets can include other businesses and government agencies. The industry has grown strongly over the past five years, and industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualised 7.5% over the five years through 2021-22, to $2.3 billion”.
  • Australia is the 10th largest ecommerce market in the world by revenue.
  • Around 81 percent of people in Australia are shopping online. This is expected to rise to 85 percent in the coming year.
  • Around half of all Australians make card-based payments while shopping online, while services like PayPal are used by around 30 percent.
  • On average, Australian shoppers receive around 2.3 parcels per year. This number is continuing to rise.
  • International trends like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are being adapted by Australia customers, with sales almost 30 percent higher than in previous years.
  • Mobile purchases are also growing, with experts estimating that around one in every four online sales in Australia being made through a mobile device.

Australia’s ecommerce industry is on a roll at the moment, with many business leaders trying to figure out a way that they can get their piece of what is a very lucrative pie.

Of course, there are an many excellent franchise systems working in this area already and they are contributing to its recent growth spurt.

As we continue to live more and more of our lives online, more and more companies will find ways to crack into this sphere too.

However, we are not looking into the future, but staying in the present, where several excellent franchises are already demonstrating their value to this industry.

Here are just a few reasons why investing in an online and internet franchise opportunity could be the answer for you.

Brand reputation

You could be joining a business whose website is already in the ‘favourite’ section of some of your potential customers. One of the key advantages of investing in a franchise system is that there is very often an existing brand reputation and brand loyalty. Thus, you don’t have to build a reputation for your services, as potential customers may already know about you.

No experience required

There is an abundance of franchise opportunities that give you full training and where there is no experience required. In fact, in terms of our online listings above, there are a number of businesses that provide you with a ‘business in a box’ where you don’t require any past experience in the industry.

Proven capability

Quite a few of the franchises in Australia have already learned from their mistakes, so you don’t have to. What we are saying is when you invest in a franchise, you could be investing in a business that has already worked out the best way to do business.

For you but not on your own

When you start your own business independently it can be hard to know where to look when you need help. This is a non-issue for many franchisees, as they are in business for themselves, but not on their own. In fact, there are a huge number of franchises that offer ongoing support to their franchisees. After all, your success helps them be successful.


When you are a start-off business, it can be hard to put away the right amount of money for your marketing budget. However, as a franchisee, you often benefit from the marketing spend from head office.

SEO and other expertise

In the online world, being able to lean on others expertise is invaluable and it is something that is offered by many franchisors.

For more information on internet and online franchise opportunities, contact Franchise Direct now. Alternatively, click into one of the profiles and get more information via their page.

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