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FocalPoint Coaching & Training is a franchise organization of business coaches and trainers who work with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to help enhance their companies and their lives by leveraging the coaches’ business experience and our content.

About Us

We take the proven business coaching techniques of the world-famous business trainer and author, Brian Tracy (google him), and blend it with the business skills and experience of our coaches. FocalPoint is about people. We exist as a community of expert coaches and business leaders who are committed to making positive change. Our coaches and clients feel supported knowing that they have the connections necessary to thrive in their business.

Why Franchise?

We live in the best time to be in business; the options are endless. For FocalPoint professional business coaches, this means opportunity in all markets, all fields, and competitive industries!
  • You can own your own coaching and training business using the exclusive FocalPoint Coaching materials and tools.
  • You will receive extensive training and ongoing support to ensure you are equipped with what you need to succeed.
  • You will have access to the comprehensive FocalPoint Professional Development and Business Coaching resources.
7 Major Benefits of Owning A Business And Executive Coaching Business
  1. Recurring Revenue- When you coach for someone else, you have to scramble for clients and regular pay. When you run your own business, your clients pay you monthly, no ifs, ands, or butts.
  2. No Politics- When you work for yourself, you don't have to deal with the most dreaded office feature: politics. There's no gaming to impress the boss, no cliques, and no tug-of-war. It's just you.
  3. No Emergencies- When it's just you, there's no machinery to fix and no staff to manage. And that means no emergency management and no emergency repairs.
  4. Authority Position- When you come in as a business coach, you're an outside expert to the company you're coaching. And that means that you have a position of authority. You call the shots.
  5. Flexible Location- Because you call the shots, you get to decide where you work. Maybe you meet a client in their office. Maybe they meet you in yours. That's up to you.
  6. Flexible Schedule- You also have a say in when you meet your clients. Maybe you want to have a leisurely morning and get down to business after lunch. It's your call.
  7. Low Overhead/ High Margin- Many franchisors encourage communication between their franchisees. This allows franchisees to leverage the built-in support of like-minded owners who are there to help each other out in many ways. Contrast this with being an independent business owner where you have to deal with isolation and loneliness.

Training & Ongoing Support

Developed from 20+ years of research and proven results, the FocalPoint Coaching training methods and processes offer a complete package with instant market credibility. Your existing industry expertise is the foundation upon which you can build your successful coaching business. Our tools and support networks exist so that you can amplify and refine your untapped knowledge base and make money while doing it!

Ideal Candidates

A professional business coach is a relatively unique individual. The best coaches have a strong business background, are committed to their own ongoing education, and are confident, amiable personalities who genuinely enjoy helping others.

A successful business coach is:
  • self-motivated
  • a great communicator
  • a natural leader
  • an experienced industry professional
  • a resolute entrepreneur
A career as a FocalPoint business coach is not for everyone. It requires an upfront franchise investment and an entrepreneurial spirit. It also requires a strong work ethic to establish your coaching practice, an ability to develop new relationships (and trust) with business owners, and a strategic mindset to help businesses think differently and jump to the next level.

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FocalPoint Financial Data
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Minimum Investment Required
$69,950 (EXCL GST)
FocalPoint Testimonials
I have been hooked on Brian Tracy ever since I read his first book! His material is straightforward and applying the concepts achieves immediate results. Over the last 25 years, I have owned several service businesses and experienced firsthand the value of ongoing staff training. I am very results-driven so I knew I wanted to have my own business in training and coaching because continuing education is essential for moving forward. I enjoy engaging with business owners and I have never been afraid to jump in and roll up my sleeves! I like to create a space for a few hours where people can focus on stimulating their minds. Working with businesses to close more sales and overcome challenges is very rewarding. Seeing my clients grow and achieve their targets motivates me and I have improved my own skills and knowledge in the process. With business coaching and training, I have found my calling.
Adrian - Australia,
The initial training by itself justified the Franchise Fee!
William L/Vic,
The incoming coach certification was very well organised and of great value. The facilitators, presenters and trainers were professional, knowledgeable and very engaging. Due to COVID restrictions, I had to do the main certification training via zoom meetings, starting at 11.30pm - 7.30am. BUT, it was worth it! At no time did I feel I was wasting my time, especially at these early hours in the morning. The combination of workbook materials, education video's, presentations and extensive role playing, ensured the certification was an accelerated learning experience which was both enjoyable and engaging. I highly recommend the certification to anyone who is passionate about business coaching and becoming part of the FocalPoint family.
Gus C/NSW,
As a business owner and coach, my experience with FocalPoint has been fantastic! Being part of such a rich and diverse community of like-minded, proactive, supportive and driven people has not only made a huge difference in my personal life but also in my business world. The abundance of tools, knowledge, resources, and expertise together with the Brian Tracy name has really provided all the essential ingredients needed to take one’s business and life to a whole new level and standard. As I say to my clients, the only thing that will determine the level of success you experience is how much you apply what you learn and how far you ‘stick your neck out.’ This is the same advice I would give to anyone interested in joining the FocalPoint community.
Grant F/WA,
Joining FocalPoint (FP) has been one of the best decisions of my professional life. As a FP business coach, I have access to some of the top coaching materials available anywhere—structured coaching curriculum and resources, proven training programs written by Brian Tracy, leading-edge assessment tools from Talent Insights and more. I can confidently offer and deliver a superior product and service to my clients. I enjoyed taking part in the onboarding and certification training and the business support systems, processes and tools provided by FP have enabled even a novice coach like myself to get established, build a brand with website, customised newsletters, business cards and marketing collateral and to begin prospecting, winning new clients and delivering coaching within weeks following certification. By following the FP system, I was able to prospect successfully and win my first coaching client within my first 30 days. The post-certification support and mentoring I continue to receive is second to none. With experienced coaches and FP team members facilitating these sessions, the forums cover practical topics such as the logistics in practice setup, FP product offerings, coaching on strategic selling and goal setting. The sessions are designed to support, encourage, challenge, educate, and build an ongoing support network but also to hold new coaches accountable as we embark on establishing our coaching practices. My experience and success with FP to date should not come as any surprise to me. FP is an organisation whose purpose is to be a ‘pebble in the pond’ and to impact the world through our clients, families, employees, companies, and communities throughout the world. As coaches, we are doing this by serving our clients and communities and the coaching journey we have undertaken as new FP coaches is merely a demonstration of the FP coaching system in action. Our present (and future) successes are evidence that the system works.
Dennis W/NSW,
Just a short note to thank you and the FocalPoint team for the excellent training and support that has been provided to me as a FocalPoint Coach. The assessments, combined with the wealth of coaching and training materials, have allowed me to add real value to my clients, both personally and professionally. It’s particularly satisfying to be able to support my clients with audio programmes, specifically targeted to enhance their ongoing coaching agenda, or unforeseen business challenges. The training and coaching information, held in the FocalPoint library, is the sort of “institutional memory” that is invaluable in our ever-changing business environment. Job well done!
Mike R/NSW,
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Why I Became a FocalPoint Franchisee

Why I Became a FocalPoint Franchisee

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FocalPoint Trade Show

FocalPoint offers you the chance to own your own franchise in this unique industry.
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Opportunities available throughout Australia.
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