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EcoKleenSolar is the largest Solar Care Franchise in Australia, with over 55 professional Solar Care franchises operating across the country.

Over the past 20-years, Solar panels have been installed throughout the country at a rapid rate and that growth only continues to increase.

Now more than ever, the focus is on the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of Solar systems, to ensure the full performance and savings are being achieved, after such a big investment in the system to reduce power bills, as they say “Dirty Panels Cost You Money”.

Services Offered

  • Safety Inspections – No electrical licence is required, a visual inspection is carried out to check there is no damage which can be dangerous and affect performance. Cracked glass on the panel from hail damage is a common issue found.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning – Important that only deionised water is used for the cleaning. We often see “handymen” using all the wrong equipment. We supply all the correct equipment including motorised brush ware.
  • Thermal Imaging Reports – “Hot Spots” will affect the performance of a solar system dramatically, so it is important to identify if any panels have this issue. This is something “the eye can’t see” so Thermal Imaging Equipment, software and training is supplied.
  • Pest Proofing – The solar panels must sit above the roof, to allow air flow beneath. That area becomes a lovely nesting ground for Pigeons, Possums and other pests. We supply a pest proofing system to prevent this problem.


EcoKleenSolar AU

Based on feedback from our EcoKleenSolar franchisee network and increasing demand from customers, you have an opportunity to market your franchised business structure with services additional to our core Solar Care services from day one.

As an EcoKleenSolar plus franchisee, you actively promote your core business, i.e. after-market Solar Care services for home and business owners; based around inspections, cleaning and protecting their solar installations.

As an EcoKleenSolar plus franchisee, you are an exterior cleaning specialist with all the equipment and the means to deliver these services which include Gutter Cleaning & Inspections, Driveway cleaning and comprehensive exterior pressure cleaning.

The equipment in the plus package is fit for purpose and also includes an expanded territory.

Why Choose Ecokleensolar

  • Complete Start up package of all equipment and training.
  • Comprehensive training on all areas of running the Business including your” working at Heights” certification.
  • On- Going Support
  • Commercial Projects which we are consistently offered from our commercial partners with support on how to quote and complete such projects.
  • Business Generation Program.

Who are we looking for?

  • People who want to work for themselves and be their own boss.
  • Like to idea of working outdoors.
  • Understands the importance of customer service.
  • Understands the importance of promoting their business in their local area.
  • Looking for a Career Change – After years of doing the same thing!

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If you like what you see, send us a little information about yourself and we will show you how you can become the Solar Care Professional in your area.

EcoKleenSolar Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by EcoKleenSolar to give you more information about the costs associated with a EcoKleenSolar opportunity
EcoKleenSolar Core
$30,297 + gst
EcoKleenSolar Core + Gutter
$43, 317 + gst
EcoKleenSolar Core + Gutter/Pressure/Exterior
$54,388 + gst
EcoKleenSolar Testimonials
The work is great, money is great, the clients are friendly and the team we have working alongside us are magnificent. My only regret is that I didn’t get onboard with this sooner, and that’s what I tell anyone who asks about it.
Tony Mott – Hallett Cove Ecokleensolar Franchisee (SA),
I'm Roland from Bathurst & I joined the EcoKleenSolar Franchise in 2015. I became a franchisee to give me & my family a better life. To be my own boss & to work my own hours. Before joining the company i was working as a chef, which meant split shifts, long hours and not much time for family. I have found that working with EcoKleenSolar it has given me the options to spend more time with my family therefore I now have a great relationship with my two beautiful daughters.
Roland Blomstom - Bathurst Ecokleensolar Franchisee (NSW),
EcoKleen Solar
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EcoKleen Solar
EcoKleen Solar
EcoKleen Solar
EcoKleen Solar
EcoKleen Solar
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across Australia.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
$30,297 + gst
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