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Success Story - Jim Gleeson

During my 10 years at the company I filled a range of hands-on, technical and managerial roles, from administration through to operations manager and accounts – I got a very good understanding of the new-build industry.

Keen for a change, I began looking around for businesses for sale and franchise options. I’m a bit of a jack-of-all trades and I’ve had first-hand experience subdividing my own section and project managing the build of a new house on it. At a franchise expo, I saw a range of different business opportunities, but what stopped me dead in my tracks was Refresh. It immediately gelled with me. I’m a very independent person, who doesn’t like asking for help. I’m good at trouble-shooting business problems and I knew I could make a Refresh franchise work and that I probably wouldn’t need much help. Having said that, if you do need help in any way, the Refresh Head Office are always willing to give you a hand.

One area that I knew wasn’t my strength is marketing, and that’s what Refresh is good at. For me, that was the defining factor with Refresh – the company’s strength in marketing the business. Their background, processes and reputation are second to none. And that’s where 90 per cent of your growth is, in generating leads.

The Refresh website is excellent and so are their campaigns. If you portray an image of professionalism and knowledge, people will seek you out, and that’s what the backing from Refresh Renovations Head Office gives us.

Who is best suited to own a Refresh Renovations franchise? Anyone, really, because you focus on doing what you’re good at and surround yourself with people who do things you’re not good at or don’t like doing. It depends on where you want to sit within the business – you could be a project manager, an administrator, an accountant, whatever.

What works really well is the Refresh Renovations six-step process. It’s a very good defined process that helps the client understand exactly what we do. It takes them through the indicative pricing, the concept stage, the detailed drawings and the final quote. Refresh clients do love the process and what we do for them. Many of our clients have done a renovation before and found it a nightmare, so they really understand that value we bring to the process. Others know nothing about the industry and are grateful that we are taking stress away and managing the process.

I’ve spoken to many people, both here and in Australia, about becoming a Refresh franchise owner. I get calls all the time and I’m always very straight up with them. I’ll tell them if I think they’re the right person based on their experience and expectations.I believe it’s important that we get the more suitable franchise owners, so that we don’t damage or dilute the Refresh brand.

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