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Giggle Business is the tool that enables you to build yourself a customer base that pays you every month for a service that costs little to provide, and once initiated requires very little input.

Whether you are looking for a lifestyle business or a business you can scale to build your empire, Giggle delivers. Simple and straight forward the Giggle business is unique in its ability to deliver your desired income return and fantastic work life balance.

Strengths of Giggle Business:

  • It’s fun
  • Recurring monthly Income
  • Very low overhead / High Net Profit
  • Flexible – you decide when you work. Your value of life is priority
  • Scalable - small or large opportunities
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Everything you need is supplied
  • Full Support available

What is Giggle Business?

Our formula is simple: no matter where in the world you go, no-one likes waiting, people love to laugh, and businesses need a receptive audience for effective marketing.

The Giggle model install screens in high traffic areas of wait then Giggle plays humorous videos, jokes and memes on screens generating a viewing audience and giving you a platform to sell affordable advertising space to local businesses who need targeted receptive audiences.

Giggle works! Advertisers get results and you get a repetitive income every day for maintaining the network. Screens are installed in areas of waiting such as medical centers, gyms, food outlets, and other locations in fact anywhere where people wait. Giggle screens play a silent loop of G-rated humorous content, engaging otherwise bored customers. Interspersed with this sticky funny content are your customers’ commercial messages.

Make a living while creating your desired life…

Do you want to have fun while you work? Determine your hours? Recognize and fulfil your income potential? If you are a self-starter with disciplined time management skills and a “can do” attitude, then Giggle Business is the solution for you. You determine what you need by way of income because Giggle is infinitely scalable! You are in charge of how much you make! Build a media empire or run a small lifestyle business. The option is yours. Giggle provides everything you need to deliver, you provide the attitude!

Becoming a Giggler

Giggle has made the process of owning a successful busy easy. Everything you need is supplied to you. Training, and each step of becoming a successful Giggler is outlined through over 120 online Giggle training videos that cover every aspect of Giggle. The Giggle business management portal gives you control over every aspect of your business and allows control of the screens. We supply the funny content and advert production, and you just get the advertisers!

The Giggle Screens designed specifically for Giggle are shipped to you. Thr easy to use, point and click, bespoke software keeps it simple. It is realistic to build the business and start collecting revenue within 90 days of starting your Giggle Journey. Giggle keeps it simple to build, run and achieve success.

The freedom of the Giggle License

No heavy franchise compliance here or any royalties! Giggle operates on a licence / subscription model. This keeps the overheads low by running a subscription service to you. The monthly set subscription fee and advertising production costs eliminate any franchise fees. There are no hidden costs. The more you earn the more you keep.

The Next Steps

Reach out and find out more about this exciting first to market opportunity.

Giggle Business Success Stories

“Follow the system and you can’t go wrong.” – Mark Cate

Truck Driver age 37, builds 6 figure business in 2 months.

Janet's Giggle Business Story

Local Newspaper Media Buyer, age 48, builds her dream lifestyle business enabling her husband to retire early.

Stephen's Giggle Business Story

“I just followed the system in the Giggle Business Management portal”

Mark's Giggle Business Story

“The more offerings the stronger the bond between us and our clients”
Giggle Business Videos
Giggle Entertainment | Franchise Video

Giggle Entertainment | Franchise Video

Watch this video to learn more about the Giggle Entertainment franchise opportunity.
Giggle Entertainment | Testimonials

Giggle Entertainment | Testimonials

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