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At Hydraulink, Business is BOOMING!

Our Hydraulink Sales Service Technician franchise, or HSST, are in high demand to provide a mobile hydraulic hose and fittings breakdown and repair service for the following industries;

  • Road, rail, construction, and infrastructure projects
  • Earth moving and civil excavation contractors engaged in building and construction
  • Waste and demolition contractors.
  • Transport and logistics services
  • Truck and trailer manufacturing or repairs
  • Automotive vehicle mechanical repairs
  • Warehousing and materials handling
  • Agriculture, farming, and forestry
  • Marine and fishing
  • Mining
  • Military and defence
  • Manufacturing and industrial processing

The benefits and advantages of the mobile Hydraulink Sales Service Technician Franchise include;

  • Low operating costs by avoiding commercial leases and outgoings,
  • All the benefits associated with owning your own business,
  • Business administration support, invoicing, collections, and quoting systems,
  • Technical and sales training development with support from a dedicated area manager,
  • Joining a growing network of mobile hydraulic hose specialists supporting a growing customer base,
  • Branded product to meet customer needs,
  • A designated marketing area, operations manuals, and access to marketing materials to build your business.

While a mechanical aptitude or trade skill is beneficial, Hydraulink has found that the most successful franchisees display the following traits. They are:

  • Self-motivated with energy, passion and motivation to succeed.
  • Driven to provide outstanding customer service and enjoy fixing things.
  • Capable of handling many tasks at once with a can-do attitude.
  • People with well-developed business skills and work ethics.
  • Willingness to follow a proven system and learn new skills.
  • Outgoing people who enjoy sales, working with a team, and have great people skills.

Franchise Terms are 5 + 5 years

Depending on the candidates finance funding options and business needs, the total entry level start up costs may vary between $50,000 to $150,000 comprising of; $40,000 to $60,000 working capital to cover the franchise fee, training, and set up costs, plus financed stock, vehicle and equipment.

To be your own boss, and join our team, contact Hydraulink today. We have limited franchise opportunities for successful candidates all round Australia.

Hydraulink Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Hydraulink to give you more information about the costs associated with a Hydraulink opportunity
Hydraulink Hose Centre:
  • Indicative investment : From $100,000 to $150,000 working capital, plus financed plant and equipment and stock. This includes the initial franchise fee, training and legal documents.
  • Franchise term: For a new franchise the initial term is 5 years with a 5 year option.
  • Franchise fee: Ongoing hose franchise fee of 4% (we don't charge a separate marketing levy)

Hydraulink Mobile Sales Service Technician:
  • Indicative investment: From $40,000 to $60,000 working capital, plus financed plant and equipment and stock. This includes the initial franchise fee, training and legal documents.
  • Franchise term: For a new franchise the initial term is 5 years with a 5 year option.
  • Franchise fee: Ongoing mobile admin & franchise fee of 5% (we don't charge a separate marketing levy)

You should seek independent advice from a qualified financial accountant and lender when determining how to finance your start up investment.
Hydraulink can provide support for qualified candidates.
Hydraulink Testimonials
I have always loved working in Hydraulics, “The idea of becoming a field service technician with Hydraulink originally appealed to me because of the variety of work we get to do day-to-day. The opportunity to advance and really get out what you put in is a great incentive also, as it keeps me driven and focused,” “Hydraulink have backed me all the way, because they focus you on the needs of the customers in the area in which you operate, then give you the tools, training and technology to do the job. It drives you to do better for your customer, your community and yourself, which is very rewarding. I have always wanted to own my own business, but also loved working for Hydraulink, so becoming a Franchisee and still having Hydraulink’s support felt right for myself and my family, When I first approached the subject, my wife and I decided to sit down together and talk about the pros and cons of beginning a franchise. We just saw a great opportunity and so much potential for our family, everything Hydraulink offered ticked all the right boxes for us.
Matt Palmer,
The move to Hydraulink has been great as I like to fix thinks and enjoy the outdoors. Every day is different with Hydraulink. I wanted to be able to build a business for myself but not by myself. Starting as a mobile field service technician with Hydraulink was the first step and I’ve been supported all the way. Then an opportunity emerged to open a Hose Centre and I went for it. Now I’m working toward building a serious business within my territory. I’m focused on meeting the customer’s needs in the area and developing good relationships. Being part of a network has also been a big help. Working with the neighbouring franchisees means we can share some resources, work together, support each other, and all our businesses benefit. Starting my own business is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time and Hydraulink has helped me achieve that. I get out of the business what I put in and I know it is worth the effort.
Simon Stevens,
When I was pondered how best to promote my hydraulic hose and fitting expertise to companies in the area, I wasn’t content to just put messages on buses – I bought an entire bus and fitted it up myself as a mobile billboard and workshop combined. We have a huge number of potential customers out here – the new airport at Badgerys’s Creek, by itself, will create tens of thousands of jobs and involve massive infrastructure, earthworks, roads, transport and heavy machinery demand. Then, as we develop as a transport hub, there will be decades of demand from trucking, rail, forklifts, intermodal distribution, materials handling and a whole host of potential customers – but they have to know who you are and where you are. Not only does the distinctive Hydraulink “Best Under Pressure” bus back up its promise with a full workshop and spares facility inside, but also it has a fridge, a barbeque and a hospitality area for when the pressure is off. By taking the bus to them – rather than expecting them to come to us – we can get down to the nitty gritty of their needs in a relaxed but professional way. We can show them, on the spot, the type of quality work we do.
Jeff McCoskery,
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Hydraulink Mobile HSST

Hydraulink Mobile HSST

Hydraulink Mobile HSST (stands for Hydraulink Sales Service Technician).
Hydraulink Pty Ltd
Hydraulink Pty Ltd
Hydraulink Pty Ltd
Hydraulink Pty Ltd
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Opportunities available throughout Australia
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