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The Leading Brand of Healthy and Eco-Friendly Materials.

About KD Panels

Since the establishment of Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. (KD Panels) in 2002, KD Panels has been dedicated to the innovation of finishes and colors of wooden products and providing various alternatives for our customers in the decorative industry. KD Panels is not only a decorative material supplier, but also an experienced manufacturer that can customize your products to fulfill your demands. In the recent years, we have seen the demand of KD Products increase in the world, especially in the hospitality, residential and commercial design industry.

Thank you for your interest in the KD franchise program! Becoming a KD franchise partner offers exciting opportunities.

Let's break down the key aspects:

1. Targeted Customer List:
- As a KD franchise partner, you'll receive a complimentary list of potential customers specific to your local area.
- This list includes interior designers, contractors, and builders, allowing you to precisely identify where your potential clients are located.

2. Contacting Prospects:
- Work from home and connect with clients via email or phone.
- Confirm their contact details and gauge their initial interests.
- Send KD's exquisite product catalog to those who express interest.

3. The Value of Our Catalog:
- Each KD product catalog is worth $18.
- It integrates over 144 different colors and materials in small samples.
- Clients can not only see but also touch the physical samples, enhancing their understanding of the product.

4. Leveraging Familiarity:
- Laminate is the most widely used wood decorative material globally.
- KD ECO+ Laminates, with innovative features and competitive pricing, resonate with clients.
- Clearly explain the advantages of KD Laminate to encourage orders.

5. Order Processing:
- Coordinate with KD's business representatives upon receiving client orders.
- Place orders with KD; local warehouses promptly ship the products.
- Arrange local pickup or direct delivery (local shipping costs covered by you).

6. No Need for Warehouses or Inventory:
- A key advantage of the KD franchise program.
- KD handles inventory, allowing you to focus on sales and customer relationships.

7. Expert Consultations:
- Schedule consultations with KD's product advisors for specific client needs.
- Enhance your product knowledge and address inquiries effectively.

8. Work from Home Flexibility:
- Unlike traditional sales roles, no frequent client visits are required.
- Utilize the customer list provided by KD to run your business from home.
- Balance work and personal life.

9. Growth and Stability:
- As your business expands, catalog shipments to clients will increase.
- Repeat business from satisfied clients will be common.
- Consider hiring assistants as your client base grows.
- Pursue larger projects for revenue growth and financial stability.

Why Franchise with Keding

  • Credibility: KD is a premier brand in wooden product manufacturing, renowned for pioneering the latest technology in wooden laminates. With a presence in over 36 global locations and a network of 100+ distribution channels worldwide, KD boasts unparalleled credibility and market penetration.
  • Tried & Tested: Our business processes and franchise systems have undergone years of development and refinement, successfully proven in our home base in Taiwan and across South East Asia. This extensive experience ensures seamless transferability to other countries, providing a solid foundation for franchise success.
  • Growing Demand for Laminates: The global demand for sustainable wood alternatives, such as laminate, is experiencing a significant upsurge. With eco-conscious consumers increasingly seeking environmentally-friendly options, KG Franchise Program taps into a lucrative and expanding market segment.
  • Comprehensive Training and Support: KD is committed to empowering franchisees with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive. We offer tailored training programs to enhance product knowledge and provide online resources for convenient access. Additionally, franchisees gain access to CRM system and outsourcing services, equipping them with essential support for their entrepreneurial journey
  • Kick-start support: KD will provide potential customer data within your territory, empowering you to engage through cold calling or personal visits. Armed with our catalog and samples, you'll confidently showcase our products, building trust and securing sales.
  • Revenue and Break Even: Within the authorized and the designated franchise territory, achieving break-even is attainable within a few months. Moreover, you can expect to recoup your initial investment within the same year. For detail earning estimate please enquire.
Remember, each KD franchise partner operates exclusively in their local area. While KD's headquarters are in Taiwan, our standardized and innovative sales model has succeeded globally. You're part of a network, and KD provides abundant resources for your success.

What You Promote

Laminates are not a new commodity. They are the most widely used decorative surface material globally, with a market size exceeding USD $7 billion as of 2023. Your target customers are very familiar with Laminate. All you need to do is clearly state what makes KD ECO⁺ Laminates superior to other competitors, and they will be attracted to you. Your target customers primarily include Interior designers, contractors, cabinet makers, and building material wholesalers.

As a new franchisee, KD understands that you may feel unfamiliar and uncertain about the market, KD products, and the competitive landscape. Therefore, KD will assign a dedicated partner service specialist at our Taipei headquarters to assist you to the best of their ability. Additionally, you will be required to attend online education courses twice a month.

Sometimes, you can schedule consultations with KD’s product consultants. These 1-on-1 online sessions will enhance your product knowledge and help address client inquiries effectively.

Ideal Candidate

You don't need any prior experience in the decorative building materials industry, as long as you have an entrepreneurial spirit and determination. KD will provide comprehensive training and a mature sales model to help you succeed.

Next Steps

Are you ready to launch a profitable business and achieve financial freedom? Don't leave your success to chance. Follow these 4 simple steps to get started:
  • Request KD’s business opportunity brochure and proposal.
  • Schedule a call with KD’s Business team within one week.
  • Review the terms of the agreement with KD within 1 week.
  • Complete training and discover how you can earn recurring income in 2 weeks.
Remember, each KD franchise partner operates exclusively in their local area. While KD's headquarters are in Taiwan, our standardized and innovative sales model has succeeded globally. You're part of a network, and KD provides abundant resources for your success.

Please contact KD Panels, and we will be glad to assist you in starting up a new business.

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Available Locations:
Opportunities available throughout Australia.
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Financing Assistance
Training Provided:
Exclusive Offer
Installment payment option for the initial franchise fee Free provision of 2,000 product sample catalogs Substantial performance-based bonus
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