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At Refresh Renovations we’re changing the way the world renovates. And that’s no small thing. We looked at the $36 billion renovation industry and thought that if it was a house, you’d demolish it and start again.

So we did. We built a system that puts the customer at the centre, turns amateur hour into a professional industry and gives the right franchise owners the chance to build amazing businesses from the ground up.

The catch? They have to really want it. Sure, they need the right skill set, but attitude is front and centre. That’s why not everyone who looks at a Refresh Renovation franchise buys one. It’s also why not everyone who wants to buy one gets one. We’re changing the way the world renovates. And that starts with you.

Why you’ll be happy you chose Refresh

Refresh Renovations is the world’s leading renovations company. Established in New Zealand in 2010, Refresh Renovations has more than 40 franchises in its home country and globally more than 80 after the roll out of the franchise group in Australia, the United Kingdom and North America.

The enormous scale of this market means that, with the right plan in place, the only limit to your earning potential is your ambition.

  • Refresh is a management franchise model - not looking for franchise partners with building or renovation experience
  • You’ll be joining an established global brand that has done the foundation and groundwork for you
  • Work for yourself, not by yourself - all the benefits for running your own business, with a low-risk career change
  • Low start up and running costs - no premises, equipment or material investment required
  • We use a proven process that can help anyone with a business and customer-service mindset succeed
  • Owning a business asset with uncapped potential
  • We provide you with full training in our innovative IT-based business management systems
  • Ongoing business training and marketing support from a large team of specialists including your dedicated Franchise Business Manager
  • You’ll be entering a huge and stable market that is untapped

The Industry

The home renovation market has a massive problem - fragmentation and disorganisation. It is estimated that over 30% of projects end in a dispute because of this.

Our process is designed to reduce the common pitfalls in renovations such as budget-blowouts and timeline delays. We have engineered a very powerful model that combines a fully integrated software system, enabling Refresh franchisees to deliver the best customer experience and solve a massive problem for both homeowners and contractors.

Research by Harvard University’s Joint Centre for Housing Studies in 2014 also shows that Refresh’s process is proven by their study.

Harvard research concludes: “Building a trusted and recognisable brand on a national scale for which consumers would pay a premium, such as with franchising or strategic alliances, would likely transcend many of the other obstacles to scaling in the home renovation industry.”

You can achieve business success by improving the customer experience through communication as you offer one point of contact throughout the whole renovation process.

Create a business you’ll be proud of

Harvard also says: “..strong leadership and business acumen are the most important factors for successfully scaling in this industry”

Our franchise owners are not builders, they come from a variety of career backgrounds, many of which have nothing to do with home renovations. Some have backgrounds in pharmacy, IT Sales, real estate, engineering, banking and management.

You’ll be business-driven with a growth mindset and an interest in marketing and building a scalable business. Our most successful franchisees have strong relationship management skills and are great communicators that pride themselves on providing an exceptional customer experience.

We can provide you with training in this area, provided you have a few key skills and aspirations: Strong leadership skills, business-minded, ability to make customers feel important and supported, motivation to build a multi-million dollar business, sales and marketing abilities, enthusiasm and positivity, an interest in home renovations.

Refresh Renovations Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Refresh Renovations to give you more information about the costs associated with a Refresh Renovations opportunity
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Refresh Renovations News

Group behind Refresh Renovations announces 100 franchises across three franchises

June 02, 2021
The Traffic Group behind Refresh Renovations now has more than 100 franchises globally across three franchises.

Success Story - Mark Morrison

Refresh Renovations Success Story

My construction background combined with management skills, and experiencing a renovation project on my own home, lead me to explore a Refresh franchise opportunity. I initially was a tradesman, focusing on plumbing and gas work. Following my time in the trades, I moved into office work and undertook further education. A few years of travelling followed this, before moving into design engineering and subsequently project management within the utility industry.

After deciding to purchase a Refresh Renovations franchise I completed a due diligence process, where legalities, contracts and a business plan were assessed. Moving forward, I was offered support in the form of a business plan to follow. I was also provided with support from other franchisees. Head office has also given me ongoing assistance in areas such as making investment decisions and more.

If you want to own and operate a business, Refresh Renovations provides a good platform. However, you need to have some skills to offer, it is not a turnkey business that you can step into and it operates itself.

The skills and experience that I gained working as a tradesman have been helpful as a renovation franchise owner, as have drawing on my experience within the utility industry. However, I have found that being good with numbers, and being able to effectively navigate software have been some of the most beneficial skills as a Refresh Renovations business owner. Also, having the ability to utilise technology has been really helpful.

The guidance that the Refresh process provides is beneficial. It makes the renovation process easy to understand for customers. It also makes the process straightforward for us as business owners, in terms of managing clients through the process.

There is lots of support to "drum up" enquiries and drive the brand, so as a franchise owner your job is to deliver what the brand stands for.

There are many aspects that I find enjoyable about running a Refresh Renovations franchise business. Setting goals and growing a business are things that I find satisfying. I also enjoy being in a position where I can empower staff.

An attractive key aspect, which drew me to Refresh Renovations as a business opportunity, was that it is an opportunity to be able to look after customers and give a better service than the industry otherwise normally provides.

If you want to run a business then this is a good opportunity.

Refresh Renovations Testimonials
The support network from head office and other franchisees in the group add a lot of value to beginners like me
Dave Georgetti,
Refresh Renovations
It was an opportunity for me to get into an exciting industry that I was interested in but didn’t have a huge amount of knowledge or experience in. I knew when buying a franchise that it would allow me to join this industry and get the experience and knowledge.
Paul Cree,
Refresh Renovations
I’ve replaced my salary now. I’ve got a lifestyle now. I’m building an asset—which you can’t do when you’re on a salary.
Jeff Clark,
Refresh Renovations
I’ve replaced my salary now. I’ve got a lifestyle now. I’m building an asset - which you can’t do when you’re on a salary.
Jeff Clark,
Refresh Renovations
The support network from head office and other franchisees in the group add a lot of value to beginners like me.
Dave Georgetti,
Refresh Renovations
“The directors are pretty smart, trustworthy guys and I kind of felt they knew what they were talking about - (I) had faith in the directors, the systems and the people.” - Mark Morrison, Wellington franchise owner & former design engineer (on why he chose Refresh)
Mark Morrison,
Refresh Renovations
“WOW! Refresh Renovations are a breath of fresh air! Prompt response to my enquiry, initial meeting informative and professional, follow up communication outstanding - such an amazing service!
Tracey Gudsell,
Refresh Renovations
They project manage the renovation from start to finish! This took the stress out of having to organise different contractors for each component of the renovation and meant there would be just one point of call for any issues that might arise.
Hayley and Simon Nolan,
Refresh Renovations
Refresh Renovations Videos
Refresh Restoration: How We Support You

Refresh Restoration: How We Support You

Many people are looking for a franchise business because of the benefits franchising brings: a well-known brand, established systems and processes and fast start-up.
Refresh Renovations: The Best Renovation Company

Refresh Renovations: The Best Renovation Company

Find out about the world's best home renovation builder and how Refresh Renovations delivers renovation projects—on time and on budget.
Refresh Renovations Franchise Gallery
Refresh Renovations Franchise Gallery
Refresh Renovations Franchise Gallery
Refresh Renovations Franchise Gallery
Refresh Renovations Franchise Gallery
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Opportunities available in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane
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