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Over the past 15 years, Physio Inq, has positioned itself as a leader in the Allied Health community. Growing from a grassroots business in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, to employing more than 350 incredible people nation-wide.

During the 2020/21 Financial Year our Physio Inq clinics’ revenue grew, on average, of 39%, with many clinics seeing record numbers in turnover and number of clients treated.

In 2021, our clinic footprint grew by 50% with new clinics opening in NSW, WA, and VIC

WINNER 2020 Franchise of the Year Award – MyBusiness

Physio Inq is making waves in the industry with our low initial fees, no lock-in agreements and affordable ongoing support. We back ourselves with the services we provide our Pinq Business Partner network and the results you will achieve.

How does Physio Inq support you through a Clinic setup?

  • Utilising data we will assist you to find the best location to set up your Physio Inq clinic.
  • We will help with site finding, lease negotiations, council approvals and if you choose, we can connect you with Finance Brokers and building companies to assist you along the way.
  • Our team will assist you when designing the layout of your clinic for the best functionality and flow.
  • Our clinic Style Guide is designed to make life easy, assisting our owners to keep the clinics looking fresh and modern and on brand.

We invest in your training (and all your staff too)

  • During your face-to-face induction week with our HQ team, you will spend time with various departments (Marketing, Operations, Finance) as well as site visits to existing clinics to assist you in setting up your clinic and providing you with knowledge and skills to fill you with confidence for when your clinic doors open.
  • Utilise our online portal with over 140 different modules focused on topic areas such as: HR, Leadership, Finance, Marketing and everything Operational support
  • Take advantage of weekly and monthly Operational and Marketing assistance that assists you in achieving your business goals.
  • You and your staff are invited to company-wide (online) leadership and musculoskeletal training, led by industry-recognised experts, through the Pinq Academy.

Business advice and support from Day 1

  • We will help you understand the intricate leavers of your business and advise you how to best manipulate them for the success of your business.
  • Utilise data to improve the operational effectiveness of your Administrative and Therapeutic team members
  • With you, we will review the inner workings and results of your business, and goal set for the future.

Marketing support and programs that work

  • Access to our systems including integrated software to grow your clinic, reduce your workload and build deeper relationships with your patients.
  • Assistance designing and building upon Marketing Plans including collateral design.
  • Build out your Website, SEO profile, Google AdWords, social media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Online PR.
  • On-hand marketing support as needed

We’ll help you with Recruitment

  • Take advantage of Physio Inq’s in-house Recruitment Team to assist you in finding the best candidates for your business.

We pride ourselves on transparency

  • No hidden fees, costs, or loopholes
  • Monthly flat fee structure
  • Never pay exist fees - the flexibility to leave when you want*

Live a life with less limits with Physio Inq.

Physio Inq Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Physio Inq to give you more information about the costs associated with a Physio Inq opportunity
Franchise Fee
$2,750 per month (capped)
Cost of Clinic Set Up
Between $90,000 and $140,000
Estimated Total Cost of A Clinic Set Up & Onboarding
Between $150,000 and $200,000
Physio Inq News

You Don’t Need to Be a Physio to Own a Physiotherapy Clinic

March 30, 2022
This strategy should not only outline the skills, knowledge and experience of the people you need to fulfil the business plan, it also needs to encompass the embedding of culture and the projection of your team members’ career pathways.

Physio Inq Expands Clinic Footprint

September 15, 2021
Physio Inq is opening four new clinics to meet the demand for its physiotherapy and exercise physiology services. The clinics in McMahons Point, Blaxland, Aspendale and Camden, add to Physio Inq’s footprint of 10 clinics across Sydney and Melbourne.

Why a ‘People Plan’ is Just as Important as a Business Plan

March 23, 2021
When you grow a business, the prevailing advice is to draw up a business plan.
Physio Inq Success Stories

Neil Patel: Owner of Physio Inq Frankston

Read more about how Neil applies a client-focused holistic approach to his work with Physio Inq Frankston.

Cathy Tuckey: Owner of Physio Inq Manning and Spearwood, WA

Learn how a move to Perth lead Cathy to taking ownership of Manning Physio in June 2018.

Clare Singleton: Owner of Physio Inq Cranbourne and Aspendale, VIC

Learn how Clare's passion and drive helps her in her role as a the owner of Physio Inq Cranbourne and Aspendale, VIC.

Cameron Smith: Owner of Physio Inq Camden and Harrington Park, NSW

Cameron Smith discusses his early-life experiences that lead him on the path to becoming a Physio Business Partner.
Physio Inq Testimonials
I will forever be grateful to Physio Inq for the opportunity to own my own business and work from home while running my businesses.
Alicia Scarborough,
Physio Inq
I know Physio Inq has already done the work… I can trust their system and know I can spend my time executing rather than thinking about things
Tom Hol,
Physio Inq
Physio Inq Videos
Physio Inq - Tom Hol: Business Partner

Physio Inq - Tom Hol: Business Partner

Physio Inq Business Partner, Tom Hol discusses why he decided to invest in the Physio business opportunity.
Physio Inq Gallery
Physio Inq Gallery
Physio Inq Gallery
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