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Exolt EMS is an innovative, technology-backed fitness studio franchise at the forefront of WIRELESS EMS training in Australia.

At Exolt our mission is to make fitness innovative, efficient and accessible to everyone through EMS training.

For those who are not familiar with EMS – it stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation and is a scientifically backed technology in which clients wear a suit that sends electrical signals to their muscles telling them to switch on.

Ordinarily the brain would do this job and it would activate 20-30% of the muscle fibers, with EMS the suit works with the brain to switch on the muscles at 90-100%. This activation leads to short workout times of only 20 minutes, but yields the same results as much longer, more strenuous exercise sessions.

EMS has long been recognised for its benefits with elite sports stars and in treatment settings around the world. At Exolt we combine this proven technology with the traditional training methods that everyone loves and uses today.

We have explored EMS systems around the world and the ways in which they are being used to provide results to clients.

At Exolt we have done the research and we know EMS works. For those looking to lose weight, tone up, or maintain general fitness to those who are looking for exercise that can help with faster injury recovery, reduction in symptoms of neurological disorders, rehabilitating from stroke, or improved joint pain.

Business Automation

Owning an Exolt franchise is all about freeing up time from business processes and making time for real human interaction and delivering real results to clients.

Not only do we have all the systems and process in place, but we have the business automations in place to manage the hard work. Marketing system automations, Business Admin automation, Client Engagement automations, Payment automations and sales automations.

Business Background

EMS training is BOOMING throughout Europe and America, with its holistic approach to exercise turning the fitness industry on its head in many countries.
After seeing the boom internationally our co-founders have researched and explored the models of studio’s being run overseas and built a model from the ground up targeted at the Australian market.

With one founder bringing over 32 years experience in the Australian fitness industry and the other over 12 years in business automation the franchise has been built from a wealth of knowledge.

The opening of Exolts first studio in March 2020 has been a huge success despite COVID. With additional locations under contract for open in 2022.

This is a chance to get into a franchise from the ground-up and work directly with the co-founders throughout the process.

From day one you will receive intensive training and 24/7 support to ensure you and your clients are set up for success.

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Exolt Franchise Gallery
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Opportunities available in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and New Zealand.
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