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If you are looking for a good reliable hire income, we invite you to make contact and we can show you the benefits of taking on an exclusive license in your own area to hire these unique shaped beanbags and side tables. Our unique shaped beanbags are sought after Australia-wide and the Local Beanbag Hire online platform will enable entrepreneurs to join us in delivering the best beanbag in Australia to all regional communities in Australia.

This is a very simple business to run and can be operated from home with virtually no overheads. This is about as easy a business to run that you will ever find and can be run from home premises with most deliveries on weekends.

Your target market includes schools, pre-schools, corporate events, backyard events, child care centres universities, sporting and community clubs and much more. Your clients will hire anything from 5 to 300 beanbags and more if you have the stock on hand. Best of all your clients pay up front, you have no landlord fees and always very happy customers as our shaped beanbags are loved everywhere they go.

Key Licence Features

You will enjoy a recurring income over and over again from proven rental income performing assets that will set all new licencees up on a path to grow a diverse range of rental equipment both from Local Beanbag Hire and external sources.

Local Beanbag Hire is the go-to supplier in South East Queensland and Northern N.S.W. for our unique shaped beanbags designed for the extensive event and party hire market. As we constantly receive requests for supply right across regional Australia, we have established an exclusive licencing system to offer local operators the opportunity of joining us here at Local Beanbag Hire.

Our exclusive licencing system will have you set up as an independent business operator with virtually no involvement from us as licensor apart from the offer of ongoing advice and guidance and the supply of further exciting hire inventory as and when required.

Once you are set up with your initial hire inventory our inhouse SEO consultant will assist to get you up and noticed online in a short time frame. We will set you up with adequate inventory and a business plan and include your contact details on our central website where you will have your own editable page. You can expect to see bookings come in from week one of trading.

The Business Model

You might be wondering “how can I make a good income from hiring beanbags?”. Well let us show you the proof of how popular our shaped beanbags are and how customers specifically seek out these beanbags.

Customers come back to Local Beanbag Hire because we offer a good reliable service with beanbags that are always clean and sanitized, delivered on time and with a smile.

We are confident we can have you running very profitably in a short space of time and we will always be there along the way as you grow. Your initial investment is $24,900 including stock, licencing agreement and inclusion on the central website. The only ongoing fee is a small annual licensing fee of $550.

The Local Beanbag Hire licencing model has our unique shaped beanbags as the core hire asset and it is envisaged that new licencees will add other complementary popular hire items from the Licencor’s three event and hire websites as they grow to achieve a diverse range of event and hire equipment.

Each new Licencee will be able to promote their range of equipment on their own page on the central website. Some of these other hire assets available to licencees at very attractive prices include small and large outdoor cinema systems and trailers, inflatable igloos with LED lights, outdoor cinema igloos , various street food carts, woodfired pizza oven trailers, retro hot dog and icecream carts and much more.”

Why Beanbags?

  • At parties and events Aussies don’t want to sit on hard chairs, they want to relax in our super comfortable, shaped beanbags.
  • Through our party hire business, we have found them to be very popular and profitable. We hire to individuals, organisations and businesses.
  • It’s a business that can be run from home with low overheads

Why Choose Local Beanbag Hire

  • We are a successful party hire business with over 10 years’ experience
  • Our beanbags are designed for use inside and outside, so are versatile
  • Our shaped beanbag design is super comfortable, so are sought after
  • We are an Australian owned and family run business.
  • You get the stock and equally important our invaluable beanbag hire business knowledge, and all for a very small investment.

What the Local Beanbag Hire exclusive licencing business opportunity includes:

  • Exclusive licenced trading territory
  • Supply of initial inventory of shaped beanbag covers
  • Supply of initial inventory of colour matched sidetables
  • Supply of one outdoor cinema system
  • Ability to add further hire inventory as you grow
  • Inclusion of your business details on our central website
  • Ongoing guidance from Licensor

This licence opportunity is a perfect way to secure that extra income you've been craving. Let us show you the proof on how this opportunity will provide you with the means to that extra income.

Request free information below.

Local Beanbag Hire Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Local Beanbag Hire to give you more information about the costs associated with a Local Beanbag Hire opportunity
Investment Required
Your initial investment is $24,900 including stock, licensing agreement and inclusion on the central website.
Annual Licensing Fee
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Local Beanbag Hire
Local Beanbag Hire
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