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Are you interested in becoming an Ovenu Franchisee? If so, you can enjoy the flexibility of managing your own work/life balance and have the opportunity to earn a substantial income with minimal expenses. Since every home has an oven, you can be sure of a vast client potential, especially given that oven cleaning is acknowledged as the most hated household chore.

Ovenu has been providing first-class oven cleaning services for almost 30 years in the UK and 19 years in Australia. We have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed.

We will provide everything you need for your Ovenu business as part of your start up package.

All you need to bring is your approved vehicle of choice and a commitment to follow the Ovenu system.

Our exclusive package offers a full 5 + 5 YEAR TERM, granting you access to an exclusive territory encompassing a minimum of 35,000 – 45,000 GEO-DEMOGRAPHICALLY TARGETED HOMES.

COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING 10 days hands on training with an experienced Ovenu technician.

ONGOING SUPPORT, we stand behind our promise to deliver exceptional training and unlimited support throughout your journey as a Franchisee.

Master Franchise

As Master Franchisees, our main goal is to help the Ovenu franchise network grow throughout Australia. We believe that the success of our network depends on the success of each franchisee, which is why we are dedicated to providing them with the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Many of our Franchisees have been with us for over 10 years and several of them have added vans to their Territory to keep up with the volume of work.

We constantly strive to improve the Ovenu professional standards including a client management system to handle the back office requirements.

Upholding the values and standards that have made Ovenu a global leader in oven cleaning, we maintain a strong brand presence.

Franchise Earnings

How much you earn as an Ovenu franchisee will depend on how much effort and time you commit to your business.

Based on a conservative average order value* (AOV) of $245, a franchisee completing just 2 jobs per day, working Monday to Friday for an average of 48 weeks per year, would generate a turnover of more than $118,000.

Completing an easily achievable number of 3 jobs per day based on the same AOV and working week would generate a turnover of over $177,000.

Are you hardworking and ready to grow a business backed by over 25 years of success? We are looking for motivated and dedicated Franchisees to join our growing Ovenu Team!

Ovenu Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Ovenu to give you more information about the costs associated with a Ovenu opportunity
Minimum investment
Total investment
$39,500 + vehicle
Ovenu Testimonials
I’ve been going for a little over two years now and it’s been a good business. I’ve worked probably the last 18 months in a row without missing a full day’s work. I’m always booked out ahead of time... The thing that surprises you is people being so happy when you’re done with the job, they’re just so thrilled when that oven looks like new again and we do it everyday, three times a day.
Dan Uchytil, Franchise Owner since 2010 Wavell heights, North Brisbane, QLD ,
If you’re looking for a balanced lifestyle with more free time, more money, I think Ovenu is the way to go. I’ve been operating now for three years and I’ve never looked back, I love it. I love meeting new people all the time and being your own boss is for me the way to go.
Warren Cowsell, Franchise Owner since 2009 Bayside Ovenu, QLD,
I’ve been an Ovenu franchisee for five years now and I’m finding it to be a really successful business... I’ve now got so many customers, I don’t even have to advertise anymore. It’s purely word of mouth. I’ve actually got thousands of customers now, I’m thinking of employing someone else.
Richard Ramsay, Franchise Owner since 2008 Brisbane West, QLD ,
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Available Locations:
Single & multi-unit opportunitues available in WA, QLD and VIC
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