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For over 25 years Town & Country has ensured it maintains its mission to consistently deliver through pizza and pasta, a passionate commitment to excellent customer service, quality product and unrivalled value.

Be Part Of Our Family

At Town & Country, we strive daily on providing back to the local communities we service with a warm and friendly experience that sees people return frequently to our locations. Whether it be the convenience of not having to cook, the large variety, the delivery service or the lively and inviting restaurants, each location has its own identity which allows people nearby to treat it as their own.

Why Franchise?

  • Town & Country is the flexible, fun spirited brand that has been able to reinvent itself through a changing market year on year.
  • With a passionate corporate team alongside enthusiastic and hardworking franchisees Town & Country is now in regional and CBD locations across the country. It is this connection that allows the stores to operate as one large family catering to the people closest to them, their peers, their locals.
  • All of our stores contain a traditional pizza and pasta menu with recipes passed down the generations ensuring there is heart and soul in every dish.

Training & Support

Our team will place you into a store and commence your 8 week training program. This is broken into 4 operational parts and assumes you have no experience in the industry at all. This ensures our thorough approach to getting you ready and we can work towards opening day.

Ideal Candidate

A very important part of Town & Country's success has been connecting with the right franchisees. These individuals have the passion and drive we need to continue the success of the brand. They carry strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success.

Next Steps

With every meal being delivered, plated up or boxed with heart and soul we invite you to Be Part of Our Family.

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town and country pizza
town and country pizza
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