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Since its inception in 2015, The Yiros Shop has been committed to delivering nothing but the finest to our beloved community throughout Brisbane, and now, extending to the broader regions of Queensland.

About Us

At The Yiros Shop, we believe in serving only the best to our community. Our meals are authentic and fresh, adding a modern twist to traditional Greek favourites by focusing on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Why The Yiros Shop?

Investing in The Yiros Shop franchise is your opportunity to join a thriving brand with a unique market position. With a diverse menu, customer loyalty through our app, and the convenience of a Drive-Thru, your path to success is well-paved.

Bring Flavours of Greece to your Community

Authenticity: We are committed to serving our community the best of Greek cuisine. Our meals are not just authentic but also fresh, blending the traditional Greek favourites with a modern twist, thanks to locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Diverse Menu: Our diverse menu is a tribute to Greek culinary traditions. While our Traditional Greek Yiros remain our hero—a fluffy pita filled with ripe tomatoes, red onions, tzatziki, chips, and your choice of protein—we offer much more.

Greek Sides: From Sweet Potato chips to Grilled Halloumi, we have an array of delightful Greek sides to accompany your main course.

Sweet Treats: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Loukoumades Greek Donuts, complete with a choice of delectable toppings.

Breakfast Offerings: We don't forget the early birds. Enjoy coffee and a full breakfast menu, including Brekky Yiros and Hashbrowns.

Cutting-Edge Systems

Self-Order Kiosks: Our modern self-order kiosks streamline operations, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Mobile App Loyalty: Our mobile app boasts a Loyalty program with over 60,000 users and counting.

Integrated Systems: We've integrated systems to simplify business management, including custom backend ordering software and bookkeeping services.

Dedicated Support: Our in-house HR Team is here to assist you with building an amazing team, and an Area Manager will support you through all your operational needs.

Simplified Payroll: Our Head office processes your weekly payroll to help maintain compliance across the brand.

Training & Support

The Yiros Shop business model has been designed to be simple and easy-to-run. Franchisees will receive approximately 4 months of initial training to help get you immersed in the brand.

We have dedicated New Restaurant Opener that will guide and support you through your initial setup of your business, design and building, initial training for you and your team all the way to opening day.

Our training & support also includes:
  • 24H I.T. Support
  • Ongoing Marketing Support
  • Custom Systems and tools to make your day to day easy

Ideal Candidates

While it is beneficial for our franchisees to have a solid understanding of the food industry, it is not an absolute requirement. However, we do prefer individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of the food preparation process.

We recommend that applicants have a minimum of four years of experience in the Hospitality industry, as this often provides the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully run a franchise.

If you don’t have this experience but are still interested, we encourage you to get in touch and we can discuss potential training and support options.

Bring The Yiros Shop to your community!

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The Yiros Shop
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The Yiros Shop
The Yiros Shop
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Single, multi-unit opportunities available across Australia.
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